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Having a professionally created website lends an air of professionalism about the legal practice, and gives the web visitor a sense the kind of legal services that are being made available to them. A lawyer website design company must know the technical aspects of the law and at the same time, make sure that the […]

Dallas web design / Internet marketing company offers affordable website with marketing

Business owners rack their heads on a daily basis, trying to figure out fresh ideas to forge their company ahead of the competition while showcasing their strengths. For that reason alone, it is worth it to consider embarking on an Internet marketing investment. Employing an online marketing strategy means learning how potential customers and current […]

Commercial Realtor Advises Landlords on Recession Fueled Rent Reductions

With consumer spending and business investment still weak, a higher number of commercial property tenants are requesting rent reductions from the landlords. Their argument is that they can no longer afford to pay the per-square-foot prices that were in effect a year or two years ago. Some tenants are threatening to vacate their space when […]

South Florida Real Estate Broker Ed Kearney advises owners of commercial real estate

West Palm Beach, (Wired PR News) — Landlords should thoroughly research tenants before signing a lease, says Ed Kearney of the Florida commercial real estate brokerage firm Kearney Commercial Realty/Sperry Van Ness. The due diligence could save money and avoid potential legal and financial problems. “I am sounding a loud note of warning because I […]

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Dallas, Texas ( The first step is to begin thinking in terms of search engine optimization (SEO). If you already have SEO in mind, than you would have researched all relevant keywords and phrases. Simply sprinkling the keywords in the text would not help. You must do this step accurately and thoroughly in order to […]

Dallas managed IT service company, offers iron clad network security

Ensuring the security of your business should be on of the most thorough and carefully considered part of the entire business model says Dallas IT Company. In addition to a diverse IT managed services plan, a company requires an iron clad network security structure.Cartish Technologies, based in Grand Prairie, Texas, has devised a full scale […]

Dallas Computer Consulting Adds Dermatology Southwest in Burleson, Texas

Cartish Technologies would like to welcome their newest client, Dermatology Southwest in Burleson, Texas. As a full service IT consulting company, Cartish is excited about providing unparalleled service to customers throughout North Texas and beyond. Dr. Chaker of Dermatology Southwest, specializes in medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology with twenty years of experience in his field.  […]