Zara Charity Offer Visitors a Way to Make a Difference in Tanzania

Zara Tours and its sister organization, Zara Charity, support local communities

Mount Kilimanjaro Calls Trekkers To Its Summit: A Special Zara Tours Offer

Book a Mount Kilimanjaro trek today for tours in Dec. 2017 or in Jan. and Feb. 2018, and save money

ZENRUN 5K Race Takes Meditative Running To A New Level Worldwide

Running-an exercise that revitalizes and strengthens the body. Meditation-an exercise that revitalizes and strengthens the mind. ZENRUN takes it to a new level.

The Secret Mission Of The Serpent

Recently the famous Russian model-actress Gia Skova made her directorial debut, and played a great role in The Serpent, an action and spy thriller

Zara Tours Continues Efforts Towards Environmentally Conscious Practices

Zara Tours to offer visitors tour packages with a focus on the environmental clean up of Mount Kilimanjaro