Guidelines In Finding the Best Child Custody Lawyer

Atlanta, GA ( Divorce is a very critical case. Aside from the attempt to dissolve the bond between husband and wife, there’s also the fight for child custody. Every parent wants to get the guardianship of the child and this often leads to unhealthy custody battles. This may result to longer process and the child […]

So what is Child Custody Anyway?

Altanta, GA ( Child custody is a very important legal concept that affects all parents regardless of their marital status or living arrangements. Essentially child custody means legal authority over a child, it is called guardianship, a person who has custody has legal responsibility for a child. They are responsible for the child’s well being, […]

There is a lot you do not know about Child Support

Atlanta, GA ( There is a lot that you probably do not know about child support in Alpharetta. For example wages, pensions, investments, business income and even unemployment insurance can be garnished for unpaid child support. So can tax refunds, military pay, Social Security and almost any income an ex spouse is receiving. It is […]

You Need Somebody to Protect Your Legal Rights in a Divorce Case

Atlanta, GA ( If you are going through a divorce, thinking about divorce or think your spouse is thinking about divorce you need to retain an experienced divorce lawyer in Alpharetta GA to protect your rights and interests. You will need to retain an attorney because of the nature of our court system. In our […]