Changes in New York Matrimonial Law: The “No-Fault” Grounds Has Finally Arrived

Grounds for Divorce in New York including the “New Grounds” of Irreconciliable Differences New York City, NY ( COMMONLY USED TERMS IN MATRIMONIAL MATTERS The grounds or basis for a divorce has not been amended by the New York State Legislature for decades. Since October of 2010, for the first time in New York history, […]

Affordable Care Act Can Help Those Going Through Divorce

Athens, GA – ( Many do not know all of the benefits of the Affordable Care Act under the new health care reform that has been under scrutiny recently. One provision may actually help those who are divorced, recently widowed, or have undergone other lifestyle changes. In addition, through the divorce process, there is a […]

Marriage Is Becoming a Trend—But What Happens When It’s Over?

Atlanta, GA – ( It seems as though in recent years, marriage has become even more of a desirable step for couples to take. It gives you more financial stability, by combining incomes, especially in a tough economy, and what’s more? All of your friends and family members seem to be tying the knot these […]

Divorce Lawyers Report Increased Use of Facebook Profiles As Evidence In Divorce Cases

Atlanta, GA ( Social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are meant to serve as online communities where people throughout the country are able to publicly share information about themselves and connect with others. Many people choose to share pictures or comments in their daily activities without ever realizing that any and all information […]