Royal Thai Army to Support Coral Reefs in The South of Thailand

Royal Thai Army is supporting the artificial coral reefs planning to cope with coastal erosion and flooding problems.

Royal Thai Army And The Great Flood

Royal Thai Army and it’s plan to cope the possible flooding in bangkok.

Malaysia and Thailand Join to Quench Political Fires in the South of Thailand

In February, the Prime Minister of Thailand, Yingrak Shinawatra, made a formal visit to meet with Najib Tun Razak, Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Dalyworks Provides Event Services for National Convention

Dalyworks teams up with On Target Professionals to provide Event Services for National Convention of Service Disabled Veterans and Small Businesses.

Special law enforcement in the south of Thailand

Special law enforcement in the provinces at the southern border of Thailand will not affect innocent people.

Something Borrowed, Something Red, White and Blue…

The Victorian House and Local Texas Merchants Host Dream Wedding Package Giveaway for Military Couple.