Chanakya IAS Academy announces seminar at Allahabad on ‘PCS examination’

The session is scheduled for February 11th, 2018 (Sunday) from 10 am onward with successful candidates of the PCS examination and subject matter experts.

ICAE One Of Only 3 Education Evaluation Agencies Approved By UNESCO

UNESCO extended its approval to the International Center for Academic Evaluation (ICAE). ICAE, one of only three evaluation organizations with UNESCO approval.

The UNESCO You Don’t Know

UNESCO Centre South America evolved from UNESCO Centre BVI. The organization now presents affordable and broader alternatives to the unipolar UNESCO.

HM King Mohammed VI ‘s Speech On King And People’s Revolution Day

HM King Mohammed VI delivered a speech on the occasion of the 63rd anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the People

King Mohammed VI Delivers Speech To Nation On Throne Day

HM King Mohammed VI addressed a speech to the nation on the occasion of the 17th anniversary of the throne day.