Solidarity, the New Voice for America’s Middle Class

New York, NY ( Since the inception of the Occupy Movement in the United States, right-wing and US Conservatives have been focusing on how the Occupy Movement has no central message, no mission statement and no definable political, social or economic objective. Well that all seems to have changed today with the establishment and launching […]

Celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War in Springfield

Rockford, IL ( This summer, before you settle on your vacation plans, consider staying put in Illinois, the most important state in the nation – maybe even one of the most important places in the world. I say that because Illinois gave us Abraham Lincoln, not only the greatest president in our nation’s history, but […]

Obama’s Facebook meeting a flop, will it be Out Obama 2012?

Fort Worth, TX ( Running for re-election, the President just this week held town halls in three states, arriving in Grand Style on Air Force One and granting coveted interviews to local TV news anchors. Obama’s busy week leaves no doubt that his 2012 campaign is underway. His town hall Facebook meeting on Wednesday was […]

U.S. Election News Launches Facebook Presence for Informed Voters

Cartersville, GA ( Jillian Curtin, Editor-in-Chief of U.S. Election News, has announced the creation of the publication’s new Facebook page at The Facebook page is an outreach of the U.S. Election News website to help voters stay connected and informed about the candidates and issues that concern them. “Please exercise your most precious right […]

Biscuit 8 Creates Market “Buzz” with Innovative Marketing

Seattle, WA – 7/7/10 Jax Harrison, owner of Biscuit 8, has created an agency “niche” with emotionally connective photography and the “shiny happy pretty sexy” brand, which reflects the photographer’s distinct styles of lifestyle, fashion, portrait, editorial, food and still life photography. By developing great partnerships with photographers and clients, and combining her talents in […]