Our news service strives to provide the highest standard of excellence for getting your important news and information to your target audience. In doing so, we must contact you to discuss the best distribution package options available for your budget and circulation needs, after we receive notice of your registration.

Also, before submitting your materials, please remember:

  • You must register with our service before submission, providing all required information
  • Registration is free, however, there are fees for each distribution package
  • We will not accept materials that contain pornography, and profanity, or do not adhere to our guidelines or quality standards

We look forward to providing you with an effective avenue for publishing your news information. The following are checklist items to ensure that your submissions meet our standards and guidelines, and work for your needs.

  • You can use content we’ve already published as a reference for formatting
  • Make sure your title is eye catching and make it original as possible for simultaneous submissions
  • Include the current date, city, and state for release
  • Make sure your contact information is listed towards the end of your release
  • Make sure your release is at least 300 words
  • Post your release in the most relevant category for better user searchability
  • Be sure to save all postings when submitting materials for consideration

Our professional team will review your release upon receipt and payment, and publish it within 24-48 hours of approval.

We look forward to working with you for your project’s success.