1 hour ago

    Is the Bitcoin bull sold out?

    After falling more than 10% a week, Bitcoin is at a turning point. Read more Source link
    4 hours ago

    A new precautionary study can predict your child’s risk for common illnesses

    The same techniques that geneticists use to predict these diseases can also be used to predict similar traits intelligence or…
    5 hours ago

    The real problem with the police

    Derek was convicted of the murder of Chauvin. The work continues. Read more Source link
    5 hours ago

    It’s just become a big week for AI regulation

    It’s a week for the government to back down on misuse Artificial intelligence. Today the EU released a long-awaited set…
    6 hours ago

    What to do after the Derek Chauvin Judgment

    The crowd in Minneapolis is reacting to the verdict May 25, 2020 Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin he stabbed…



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