Social Media Press Release Distribution – Best for social networking  – Social media has become far more than the trendy phenomenon some believed was primarily reserved for personal activities. It is now regarded as a highly functional online medium employed by businesses and consumers alike to enhance day to day functioning. By definition, the umbrella term encompasses a wide variety of technology based activities for human social interaction. Wired PR News utilizes social media to help companies affordably employ effective strategies that increase their success rates and achieve their widespread information distribution goals.

Information sharing is something that will never go out of style. It is a necessary aspect of doing business on any scale, anywhere, with anyone. With social media, companies have at their disposal the convenience of sharing pertinent information with a large number of people utilizing a means that has the time honored effectiveness of word of mouth advertising. By incorporating the use of this kind of media, with blogs and sites such as You Tube and Digg, into company news distribution plans, Wired helps extend the reach of company announcements to a potential audience base of millions of people worldwide.

The Freedom of Freedom

Social Media has many positives for marketers. It gives companies the freedom to openly speak to the masses at the convenience of end users of the information such as journalists, general consumers, businesses, investors, and others. It facilitates active participation in regards to how companies want customers and prospects to respond to information they send out. It is also beneficial for those seeking to track consumer activity or obtain dialogue regarding consumer needs or concerns directly from the source.

Wired PR customized PR distribution and online marketing plans can be tailored to include media that facilitates direct audience participation, that which includes unique graphics, video, audio or other branding support features, news feeds, and other resources. Our professional staff can help enhance your communications through social media applications. Consuly with WiredPRNews – Social Media Press Release Distribution Team 1.888.744.0786