Feature news stories are somewhat different from regular press releases. These tend to be longer and discuss a particular topic more thoroughly than a press release announcement. The following are pointers for tailoring a feature news story to have an increased chance of being picked up by major media on a grand scale.

  • With the headline, provide a concise, attention grabbing summary of what your feature is about. What would make people most interested in reading it?
  • With the first and second paragraphs restate what’s mentioned in the headline, but don’t give too much away, and then provide the necessary information to let the reader know that the information is coming from a credible source.
  • With the third paragraph, make the case for your human interest story, for what makes it appealing or relevant to the lives of others. Using a quote normally helps.
  • The fourth paragraph should provide a sufficient amount of detail. For stories that include tips on something, using bullets as opposed to numbers is often a preference of editors.
  • The last two paragraphs can include information that drives home how one’s product, service, idea, research study, or etc. has impacted the lives of people or comes with evidence to support its potential impact in the future. Also, end the feature by providing necessary contact information or further directions if there is something one would like the audience to take further action on, such as purchasing a product.

Throughout the story, make sure information being provided has relevance, is connected, and sticks to the facts. Many editors prefer those stories that don’t require too much of their busy schedule to make print or distribution ready. Also, it may not be necessary to include disclaimers for this kind of story. For more information about affordable online press release distribution or feature news story writing, contact a Wired PR News specialist today.