Wired PR News works in conjunction with various other networks and news distribution outlets. We provide a number of circuits for those who may benefit from targeted press release distribution using demographic information or that broken down by location or region. Several newswires and other online media sources may include your release in their database of announcements that fit a specific category. When we send out your information, you may be able to track your release by visiting these other sources. The following are a few of the distribution channels that may find and store your press release.

WiredPRNews – distributes full-text releases to a worldwide audience of investors, journalists, other news sources, financial institutions, and others on a global scale

Yahoo News– Internet based news provider that disseminates news pertaining to a broad range of topics including health, politics, and entertainment

Associated Press– A U.S. based news agency that publicizes information through, radio, television, Internet, and newspaper mediums

Google News– a news service of the search engine giant that provides news from a variety of news services and distribution channels

Cayman Mama– an online press release distribution service that facilitates the dissemination of search engine optimized releases

Other widely recognized online press release distribution service that distributes news reaching CNN, Forbes and more..

Wired PR News can help target your release to the channels with the highest potential for yielding a return on investment. We have extensively researched the online search habits of consumers and can help match your release to the channels where individuals are searching for the kind of information your release contains. Contact us today to begin the process of getting your news out.