When writing your press release to be submitted to Wired PR News, there are certain essential elements to include to make sure that you have crafted it to be as powerful as possible for reaching targeted destinations.  The following are tips for what to include in and how to appropriately format a press release.

  1. Be sure to include company information– Helping companies achieve brand recognition is a goal of press release distribution, therefore, it is vital that professionals take the opportunity to include relevant information about their company, logos, and other key elements in their release.
  2. Choose the right news circuit– Not all news circuits may be appropriate for sending out your information. It may be necessary to choose whether those targeted for specific groups can help provide the maximum exposure to those who will most likely find benefit in your information. A Wired PR News specialist can help one better understand and choose the categories most relevant for their needs.
  3. Include visuals where appropriate– It is no secret that people are generally more responsive to visual based marketing. Where appropriate, visuals can be included to help generate more interest in the written words of your news release.
  4. Make the headline speak volumes– Headlines should be to the point, and not too wordy, but speak volumes. Less than 20 words is the standard, but the few words of your headline should be powerful enough to grab the attention of your audience to get them interested in the rest of your release.
  5. Include all relevant information– It is vital that important contact and other information, such as identification numbers and symbols for publicly traded firms, be included in press releases for increased searchability in databases and other mediums.
  6. Compete only when necessary– When it comes to releasing news information, staying competitive means staying out of the crowded race. Sending out releases during periods when other news mediums are not is the best way to make sure yours gets noticed. Working around on the hour and half-hour marks of the clock can help.
  7. Make sure contact information provided is accurate and up to date– If journalists, investors, or consumers do not have sufficient information to contact you or visit your website, how can they? Including social media outlet information such as blog sites, as long as they are checked regularly, may also be beneficial in ensuring people have the appropriate access to your company.