How has asbestos affected professionals like dentists and artists?

Jewelers, dentists, artists and art students may have been exposed to asbestos through lost-wax casting, say mesothelioma lawyers.

Asbestos Violations: Massachusetts Attorney General Sues Lawrence Company

A Lawrence, Mass., company was sued for its improper, unauthorized removal of the hazardous material in violation of the state’s Clean Air Act.

Asbestos Alert: Asbestos Discovered at Two D.C. Metro Stations

Asbestos was found during renovations at two Washington D.C. Metro stations, reports Mesothelioma lawyers Cooney and Conway.

Mesothelioma News: National Asbestos Awareness Week passed by Senate

Mesothelioma lawyers Cooney and Conway report the Senate has passed National Asbestos Awareness Week, which will focus on asbestos-related diseases and risks.

Mesothelioma News: Protect Yourself Against Asbestos in the Workplace

Mesothelioma lawyers Cooney and Conway educate on regulations in the workplace to protect workers against asbestos exposure.

Mesothelioma Victims: Mesothelioma Web Offers Support, Education

Mesothelioma Web offers an avenue for support and knowledge while battling the incurable disease, reports the law offices of Conney and Conway.