Dallas Domestic Assault Lawyer Explains – Assault Charges Work Under Texas Law

September 4, 2019

Texas Criminal Defense Attorney John Helms explains what happens when a spouse wants to drop domestic assault charges in Texas

Texas Appeals Lawyer Explains What You Should Know

June 14, 2019

Attorney John Helms discusses the art and science behind the criminal appeals process in Texas the importance of building a winning argument based on the law of appeals.

Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer – State vs Federal Prosecution

June 5, 2019

Attorney John Helms, a Texas federal criminal defense lawyer, uses his experience in federal court to break down the ways a federal prosecution is different from state prosecution.

Here’s Why The Dallas Police Department Was Right To Present Charges Against L’Daijonique Lee

April 30, 2019

Dallas criminal defense attorney John Helms discusses the controversial decision to charge L’Daijonique Lee in the Deep Ellum Beating by Austin Sheffield.

Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer Attorney John Helms Explains Deep Ellum Assault!

April 5, 2019

Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer, Attorney John Helms in Dallas explains the reasons why the recent Deep Ellum, TX assault.

Dallas Criminal Law – Defense Attorney Discusses Troubling Paul Manafort Sentencing

March 13, 2019

Dallas leading criminal defense lawyer – Attorney John Helms explains the biased-implications of the Paul Manafort Sentencing on March 7th, 2019 and the surprising length of sentence.

Breaking Down the Criminal Justice Reform in the First Step Act

February 26, 2019

Dallas criminal defense attorney John Helms discusses what the newly passed First Step Act means for people charged with federal drug distribution and trafficking crimes.

Finch Smuggling to the US – Federal Defense Lawyer Educates

December 17, 2018

Attorney John Helms a former federal prosecutor chimes in on the recent federal finch smuggling case. Learn more.

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