Vehicle Owners May Need Auto Insurance Whether Licensed or Not –  Auto insurance is one item that everyone who owns a vehicle may need for a number of reasons. The majority of states have established a minimum amount of coverage that must be in place in order to register an automobile and maintain registration; this is true whether the vehicle owner is licensed or […]

Arizona Drivers Use Online Auto Insurance Comparisons Growing

Phoenix, AZ ( – Comparing rate quotes and insurance providers has become much easier since the advent of the Internet. Where one used to have to take time to visit offices or call numerous companies to compare rates, Arizona’s motorists can now complete auto insurance comparisons quickly and easily online. According, it is the […]

Affordable Car Insurance for 16 Year Olds Within Reach

Los Angeles, CA ( The price of auto insurance is heavily dependant on the age of a driver as well as driving history; unfortunately sixteen year olds do not have much of a history behind the wheel and subsequently are charged much more for coverage than more mature motorists. The main reason that these teens […]