The Woven Tale Press Expands its Web Base to Further Promote Artists and Writers

The mission of The Woven Tale Press online magazine is to grow Web traffic for artists and writers – contributors are credited with interactive Urls back to their blogs and now, to their websites and online artisan shops.

Professional Blogger Reveals Secrets on How to Make Money Blogging

Professional blogger and Internet marketer Dave Drew shares his tips on how bloggers can drive traffic to their website and make money blogging.

Politics meet Technology: Malaysian party candidates required to have blogs

Kualalumpur, Malaysia (A P): CNN reported that all Malaysian party candidates who have applied for positions in the ruling party of Malaysia are required to setup a blog in order to govern the politicians who have ridiculed online politicking. The Secretary General of the youth wing of the UMNO party, Abdul Rahman Dahlan, said that […]

RSS Feeds Applications and Advantages to Bloggers

An RSS feed is like delivering a copy of a newspaper with the content you want the reader to read. This helps you by reducing time wasted in insignificant search results and assure that the right subject matter is delivered directly to RSS reader.