Plutus Awards Announces Finalists and New Categories to Honor Financial Bloggers

The Plutus Awards announces finalists in new categories representing the changing financial media landscape.

The Woven Tale Press Expands its Web Base to Further Promote Artists and Writers

The mission of The Woven Tale Press online magazine is to grow Web traffic for artists and writers – contributors are credited with interactive Urls back to their blogs and now, to their websites and online artisan shops.

Law Firm Marketing: Be a legal authoity, start a blog!

Lawyer marketing specialist Rene Perras, educates on how blogging can bring in new clients and create a voice for your law firm.

Rene Perras Lawyer Marketing Tip: Blog About Breaking News

Law firm marketing specialist Rene Perras explains why blogging about breaking news is beneficial to marketing efforts.

Twitter feature aids in user networking

The social networking site has introduced a new feature to aid users in building their network.

Twittering earns consumer trust?

A recent study shows consumers tend to trust brands that use micro-blogging services.