Is the BP Oil Spill to Blame for Sick Fish?

An unusual numbers of fish in the Gulf of Mexico and inland waterways with skin lesions, fin rot, spots, liver blood clots and other health problems.

BP accused of hiding documents

The company has been accused by one of its partners of hiding oil spill documents.

Capped oil well may be re-opened

BP and the Obama administration discussed efforts on Sunday.

BP stops massive oil spill

Many are now waiting to see if the recent cap placement on top of the spewing well will hold.

New cap placed on Gulf spill

Pressure and valve tests are set to begin on Tuesday after a tighter cap was placed on the oil gusher Monday.

Protecting The Earth While Promoting Extinction (Mother Earth En Vogue…..Keeps Gettin’ Better)

New York, NY – June 23, 2010 – With 500 BILLION plastic bags being consumed annually and the 58 MILLION barrels of oil it takes to make them; one might think the green trend isn’t catching on fast enough. Le Haute, Inc. has decided to help speed up the process. “I’ve made it my personal […]