KING OF THE KOOTIES: An Anti-Bullying Story from StarWalk Kids Media

StarWalk Kids Media is publishing a new, digital edition of the powerful children’s novel KING OF THE KOOTIES for Bullying Prevention Awareness Month (Oct 2013)

Employers Should Take a Stand on Workplace Bullying

/ 08/22/2012 Workplace bullying refers to the repeated acts of an employee intended to intimidate and humiliate a coworker or a subordinate. Examples of bullying include:• Falsely blaming the employee;• Treating the employee differently than the rest of the group;• Swearing at the employee;• Physically threatening or intimidating the employee;• Teasing the employee;• Spreading gossip and rumors about the employee;• Excluding the […]

CDC Study: Bullying Linked to Domesic Violence

A CDC study found violent family fights were most common among youth who identified as a bully-victim, someone who has both bullied and been victimized.