Mobile security specialist Movesecure UK enters B2B and B2C markets

Movesecure has announced a strategic move to enter the UK market with pioneering products and services developed specifically for UK businesses and consumers

In spite of rise in orders for durable goods, economic crisis expected to continue

According to analysts, though there was a sudden rise in the demand for pre-manufactured goods due to a rebound in the demand for autos and aircrafts; the economic situation in the US continues to remain seriously troubled as is evident with the trend. According to a statement released by the Commerce Department on Wednesday, orders […]

Henry Paulson requests World Bank and IMF to step in and help with funds

The treasury department published the highlights of Henry Paulson’s statement issued on Sunday during the development committee of the World Bank’s meeting. He addressed the members saying they are all meeting at one of the most stressful period as far as global economy was concerned. He went on to say that developments in the financial […]

The Apple Event on October 14th keeps everyone guessing

Apple Inc. issued invitations for their upcoming event. Cupertino, California, reading, “The spotlight will turn to notebooks”. That’s all the information people could make out of the invitation, except that it was at 10 a.m, with driving directions to the location of the event. Usually, such events are hosted by Apple Inc.’s CEO, Steve Jobs. […]

Press Release – Indian online Gift Company Tajonline in the news

News and Press release service company UK-based Grass Roots Group has announced the acquisition of the Mumbai-based merchandise and corporate gift supplier Tajonline India Pvt Ltd

US Economy suffers further with rising unemployment

The ongoing credit crisis in the U.S is forcing employers to cut jobs leaving a lot of people unemployed and in the lurch. This situation looks to be heading towards one of the biggest recessions in the country in the last quarter century. There was a big fall in the payrolls which recorded 159,000 in […]