Calif. Insurance Association Cautions Riverside County on Cost-Recovery Move

San Francisco, CA ( Riverside County on Tuesday joined a growing number of cities and municipalities that have approved the implementation of emergency-response fees for drivers who get into accidents within their borders. The fees, which usually receive vehement opposition from car insurance companies, have typically been instituted in order to plug gaping budget holes […]

Pilot Low-Cost Auto Insurance Program Approved by Nev. Assembly

San Diego, CA ( A proposal to set up a low-income insurance program like the one currently in place in California gained approval from the Nevada State Assembly on Tuesday. The program would give good, low-income drivers greater access to policies, but those policies would contain coverage levels below the state required minimums. Eligible participants […]

Online Auto Insurance Launches New Video for Californians

Online Auto Insurance Launches New Video for Californians offers CA visitors a new video to demonstrate how to finding cheaper auto insurance rates online., a Southern California based company has developed and launched a new video demonstrating how Californians can compare and find cheaper car insurance online by completing a brief questionnaire. The […]