Are Air Filters Effective Against Air Pollutants From Fertilizer?

August 1, 2019

Learn about the dangers of fertilizer on outdoor and indoor air quality, and how Camfil air filters offer clean air solutions for manufacturing facilities and nearby agriculture buildings

Banksy Mural Creatively Draws Attention To Air Pollution

July 1, 2019

Leading Air Filter Manufacturer Camfil USA highlights how Banksy’s latest mural brings attention to an outdoor and indoor air quality crisis in the Welsh Town of Port Talbot.

Cardiovascular Alert – How Air Purifiers Lower Your Blood Pressure

June 19, 2019

Camfil USA Air Filters focuses on the many health benefits of installing an air purification system and how portable air purifiers protect your heart by reducing PM and improving air quality.

Camfil USA Explains the Benefits of High Efficiency Air Filters

June 13, 2019

Leading air filtration experts at Camfil US discuss the benefits of replacing air filters with high efficiency filters and how it can help extend the lives of employees and families everywhere.

Commercial HVAC Filtration Systems – Business Case Study

June 4, 2019

Camfil USA wants you to learn about the benefits that commercial HVAC filtration systems offer when it comes to indoor air quality in business and commercial facilities.

Camfil Offers Clean Air with New Bus Shelters

June 3, 2019

Air filter manufacturer Camfil USA discusses new Clean Shelters at bus stops in Sweden designed to protect waiting passengers from vehicle emissions.

Camfil Releases New Articles on the Challenges of Maintaining Superior Air Quality

May 28, 2019

A leader in filtration services, Camfil USA Air Filters takes a closer look at some of the most important issues facing air quality management today.

Particulate Matter: What You Don’t Know Could Kill You

October 16, 2017

The health effects of particulate matter and how countries can shape air filtration strategies

How Hospital Design and Construction Can Help Improve Poor Hospital Air Quality

December 23, 2016

Proper design and safeguards can help mitigate the effects of bad hospital air quality that can lead to serious health issues says Camfil Air Filters

Study On Major Airports Shows the Need for Air Filtration

November 4, 2016

Study of large urban airports finds poor air quality spreads as far as 10 miles, highlighting need for effective air filtration in airport terminals.

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