Mesothelioma Cancer News: British Runner Races to Raise Money For a Cure

British runner Steve Lee, diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2007 has dedicated the rest of his life to raising money for research

West Virginia abandoned city property to undergo asbestos removal

Moundsville, West Virginia (– An abandoned property in Moundsville, West Virginia will soon undergo some much needed improvement work after having sat vacant for more than two decades. “It hurt our economy when we lost the Fostoria. It had 700 to 800 employees at any one time. So that was a major dent in our […]

Honeywell demolished Cleveland Bendix Brake plant for asbestos contamination

Cleveland, Ohio (Mesothelioma) — Honeywell International demolished a former Bendix Brake plant in Cleveland, Ohio at the end of January, as it has been shown that the brake pad manufacturing plant has a large amount of asbestos present at the site. The existing Bendix Brake buildings will be completely demolished by the end of spring, […]

Ex Paper Mill Worker Wins $10.2M in Mesothelioma Lawsuit Judgment

Charleston, South Carolina ( — A former worker at a paper mill has won a hefty judgment award from a lawsuit filed against companies Scapa Dryer Fabrics, Inc. and AstenJohnson. Henry and wife, Geraldine Barabin won $10.2 million for matters related to asbestos exposure and the subsequent development of mesothelioma cancer, one of the most […]

Health officials in Quebec condemn asbestos use

Mesothelioma Cancer News – Public health officials in the Canadian province have denounced the use of the potentially hazardous material. Saskatchewan (Mesothelioma Cancer News) – Quebec public health officials recently spoke out against the use of the potentially dangerous mineral asbestos. As reported by the CBC, officials with the Canadian Association of Physicians for the […]

Washington mesothelioma cancer news: Asbestos From Landslide Flows Into River

Asbestos is reportedly flowing into the Sumas River. Mesothelioma Cancer News (Washington) – Asbestos from a Sumas Mountain landslide is reportedly flowing into the Sumas River. As reported by, the naturally occurring asbestos has been carried downstream along riverbanks, which has contributed to higher concentrations of asbestos being present in samples taken from the […]

Asbestos Victims Fund May Have Trouble Paying Claims

James Hardie Industries NV fund for asbestos victims may not be able to pay future claims. Mesothelioma Cancer News —  The asbestos victims fund of the largest home siding seller in the United States may be negatively impacted by recession spawned financial issues. As reported by Bloomberg, the James Hardie Industries NV fund, which compensates […]