Insure4USA Explains Why Short Term Car Insurance is Important When Traveling

In a recent article published by Insure4USA, the company highlights the importance of short-term car insurance when traveling.

Cars with No Proof of Insurance Would Be Towed under SC Bill

A bill introduced to the South Carolina Legislature would require police to tow vehicles that are not covered by an auto insurance policy.

OAI: Pair of Wash. Bills Would Affect Auto Insurance Laws

A pair of car insurance bills would have implications for car sharing and usage-based discount programs

New Auto Insurance Data Show Price Influence of State-Specific Factors

New data from the NAIC show the average premium in Iowa in 2009 was about have the size of the average premium in Louisiana.

Wisconsin Auto Insurance Rate Reduction Should Prompt Coverage Reevaluation

State Farm consumers in Wisconsin will be seeing a price cut and will need to decide whether to pocket the savings or reinvest it in greater protection.

Insure4USA Outlines Differences Between Standard and Non-Standard Car Insurance highlights the differences between standard and non-standard car insurance along with tips on choosing the right type of policy.

Alabama Insurance Claims Data Call Highlights Another Role of Regulators

Regulators in Alabama have called on insurance companies to submit claims data to help assess their effectiveness in the process.