How the Price of Gold Jewelry is Determined

Roslyn Heights, NY ( Many people who sell gold in Roslyn Heights and online wonder how the price of the precious metal is determined. Well the process is actually rather complex and does not have as much to do with the prices you see in the newspapers and online news sources as you might think. […]

Gold Will Still Be A Force In 2011

Syosset, NY – ( With the economy still being low in the start of 2011, there are some industries in which there is still much dominance. Gold is one of these. It was at an all-time high last year when many were experiencing an all-time low economy. Some predict it will go even further this […]

Price of Gold Remains Strong

New York, NY ( The price of gold continues to rise, meaning people exchanging cash for gold continue to get better and better deals. Gold once again hit a record price in mid October, and the trend is likely to continue as investors move their holding into the more stable gold market. “Unit the economy […]