Cheating is Only a Few Clicks Away From New York Divorce Court

GREAT NECK, NY ( –Is cheating a new epidemic? Are more ‘starstruck’ cheaters imitating celebs? It seems not a week goes by without the news of a married celebrity or public figure committing adultery, the most recent spouses of these alleged adulterers being Oscar winners Sandra Bullock and Kate Winslet. According to Great Neck Family […]

Man Sues Wife for Kidney

A man has requested his donated kidney back from his estranged wife. Wired PR – A New York man recently went public with his demands for the return of a kidney he donated to his wife in 2001, alleging she cheated on him during their marriage. As reported by the Associated Press (AP), the […]

Student facing Expulsion for “online study group”- Is it Cheating or Tutoring?

Facebook- as great as it may be does it have the power to get a student in trouble? Yes indeed. An example of this disadvantage of Facebook was displayed recently in Ryerson University when Chris Avenir, an 18 year old Freshman, helped run a group on facebook to help the one hundred and forty six […]