Questions About Parenting Plans as New York Reopens Schools Amid COVID-19

The unsettled nature of New York school reopenings is particularly concerning to divorced or unmarried parents who must address parenting plans.

So what is Child Custody Anyway?

Altanta, GA ( Child custody is a very important legal concept that affects all parents regardless of their marital status or living arrangements. Essentially child custody means legal authority over a child, it is called guardianship, a person who has custody has legal responsibility for a child. They are responsible for the child’s well being, […]

Woman finds husband’s wedding photos with mistress on Facebook

A Cleveland woman reportedly found photos of her husband’s wedding with his mistress on Facebook.

New York mediation lawyer Explains: Divorce Mediation

Manhattan conflict resolution center, YS Mediation answers common initial questions many have regarding divorce mediation.

New York city divorce lawyer Explains: How to choose Law Mediator in NYC

New York, NY(press release)–New York divorce Law Mediator – YS Mediation a firm of skilled divorce attorneys educates Manhattan couples, who find themselves separating and heading for divorce. Choosing a divorce  is personal because the legal professional mediating your divorce will help both you and your estranged spouse decide about the most important things in your lives: […]

North Carolina Child Custody Lawyers Report- What about the custody of our children?

Raleigh, NC-Leading North Carolina divorce lawyers, Gailor, Wallis & Hunt, report that the most heated debate that arises during the process of divorce is about child custody, child support and visitation. It is crucial that the parents involved in a divorce be as civil and non-adversarial as possible for the benefit of the children. Studies […]

North Carolina Divorce Law Firm Details What to Expect

North Carolina Divorce Lawyers based in Raleigh, North Carolina are providing key information to help individuals who are considering getting a divorce or who are already involved in the process proceed in the best manner for their circumstances.