Valutek Releases New Cleanroom Facemask Instructional Video

Phoenix, AZ – (WiredPRNews) Cleanroom facemasks are the frontline defense against operator contamination. But facemasks must be placed and worn properly to do their job fighting contamination such as skin flakes, spittle mucous, hair follicles and cosmetics. As part of Valutek’s ongoing effort to educate and provide free tools to the cleanroom industry, the company […]

Valutek CEO Gregory Heiland Receives Outstanding Leadership Award

Phoenix, AZ – ( — Gregory Heiland, CEO and founder of Valutek, an industry-leading supplier of cleanroom supplies, has been selected by the U.S. Leaders and Entrepreneur’s Association (USLEA) to receive the 2010 Outstanding Leadership Recognition Award. The annual USLEA Award Program recognizes highly regarded individuals and companies throughout the country that have demonstrated leadership […]