School Bus Crash in Queens Result of Cell Phone Use

Queens crash that resulted from distracted driving is discussed by Manhattan accident lawyer Jonathan Reiter.

Brooklyn injury attorney: Two-car crash results in serious injuries of 1

An off duty officer’s vehicle was catapulted off the BQE after it was struck by another vehicle, explains New York City auto accident lawyer JC Reiter.

Manhattan aviation attorney: 2nd death in East River Chopper Crash

/ C Reiter/ 11/14/2011 On Sunday, November 6, 2011, the third passenger of an October helicopter crash in the East River died, according to information received by Manhattan aviation attorney, Jonathan C Reiter. Harriet Nicholson, 60, suffered from a near-drowning experience after the October helicopter crash, which eventually caused her death. As New York City […]

Study: Drinking With Your Teenager Isn’t Teaching Them Responsible Drinking

A recent study showed that parents who watch their teens drinking, actually will drink more later in life and don’t learn anything about responsible drinking.

Casino bus accident leaves 14 dead

Injury News – Several passengers were injured, 14 fatally, in a bus accident in New York City on Saturday.