Debate: Is the ‘The Breast Milk Baby’ an Appropriate Toy?

July 21, 2011

Debate continues to swirl on whether or not the “Breast Milk Baby” is an appropriate toy for children.

MushroomLand – New companies, warmed by the sunshine, open their buds

April 3, 2009 — Just like the mushrooms, filled with the joy of spring, are popping up after a storm, the small new businesses expand their opening buds here and there despite on the gloomy economy. Mushroomland is an example of such spring phenomenon. The new small New York company showcases their amazing nature inspired children’s books, […]

Bratz Dolls May Stay on Shelves Longer Per Court Decision

January 3, 2009

Judge allows for change in deadline for MGA to pull Bratz dolls from shelves. Wired PR — A judge has decided to extend the deadline for MGA Entertainment Inc., creator of the popular Bratz doll line, to take their products off of store shelves. As reported by the Associated Press (AP), the judge agreed […]

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