Making the switch to e cigarettes and grabbing an E Cigarette Starter Kit?

October 15, 2011

Why are smokers making the switch from traditional cigarettes to e cigarettes and grabbing a e cigarette starter kit?

Smokepower.Com Electronic Cigarettes Now Under New Ownership

July 18, 2011

Nashville, TN ( We have some very exciting news that will save your life and save you money at the same time. The website that has been providing the best in the E-Cigarette industry has just made a change in ownership. has come under new ownership and to honor the event we are offering […]

South Beach Smoke and Electronic Cigarette Nation Offer Best E-Cig Savings

June 26, 2011

South Beach Smoke and Electronic Cigarette Nation have teamed up to provide massive savings to consumers on all e-cigarette products.

New Electronic Cigarette Kiosk Opens at Oakdale Mall in Johnson City, NY

May 7, 2011

Binghamton, NY, ( The Triple Cities primary shopping centre, the Oakdale Mall, just recently began featuring electronic cigarettes with an all new electronic cigarette kiosk, which exclusively offers Amerismoke Electronic Cigarettes, as well as a variety of other starter kits, liquids, and accessories. The new e cig kiosk debuted at the Oakdale Mall Monday, November […]

Big Sales On E-Cigarette Website Due To Great Quality Products

April 18, 2011

Nashville, TN ( The online sales boost on and that is due to the amazing products and promotions like free shipping and high quality products. They also have 5 STAR feedback from many of its customers on its products and service. Which is probably the most important thing to a companies longevity. The new […]

Winning With Electronic Cigarettes

March 11, 2011

Nashville, TN ( Electronic cigarettes give smokers the opportunity to win big by having the best of both worlds. E-cigarettes deliver all the nicotine you crave, and simulate smoking in every way possible, without the tar, without the second hand smoke, and without being treated like an outcast every time you light up. E-Cigarettes are […]

Electronic Cigarettes Are Gaining Steam

March 9, 2011

Nashville, TN ( Electronic Cigarettes are gaining popularity every day. People are discovering how effective they are as a excellent alternative to tobacco and here is why. E-Cigarettes produce no second hand smoke, only harmless water vapor. The steam gives the illusion of smoke for the complete smoking experience, but steam is absolutely nothing like […]

Great Finds On Electronic Cigarettes Revealed

February 23, 2011

Nashville, TN (, a leading electronic cigarette retailer on line, is offering 15% off on e-cigarettes. There is also a 100% satisfaction guarantee, because offers some of the finest e-cigarettes on the market at a huge savings. Smokers can enjoy the pleasures of smoking, without the guilt and without the restrictions. It is […]

Finding The Right Electronic Cigarette For You

February 11, 2011

Nashville, TN ( Making the decision to quit smoking traditional tobacco isn’t easy. Despite the encouragement or the nagging from family and friends, it’s not like smokers can just turn into non-smokers. It’s almost never the same again. Some smokers never stop wishing they had a cigarette even though they quit years ago. People quit […]

E-Cigarette Wesbite Launches Premium Slim Lady Model

February 5, 2011

Nashville, TN ( Launches Ladies Slim E-Cigarette In a new milestone for the electronic cigarette, or E-cirgarette, market has announced the release of a new premium slim ladies model. To bolster the introduction of this innovative product, is offering a 15% coupon for those willing to give the Slim Lady model a […]

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