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Christian-based drug rehab center online directory restores lives with faith

As a faith-based online directory, is ultimate resource for any Christian who is battling the fight of alcohol or drug addiction. Boston, Massachusetts ( — Addicts come in all shapes sizes, from every walk of life, from every religion, from every type of up-bringing. Still, addiction to drugs and alcohol can be a perilous […]

Improving Public School Education by Reducing Class Sizes

Fort Worth, Texas ( — As millions of students head back to school, one way to improve every student’s performance is to reduce the average class size with staggered shifts and year round attendance. Fewer students per teacher equal fewer behavioral disruptions, more individualized attention and fewer distractions for the students. “All of the research […]

Home of Nelson Mandela to become living museum

Denver, Colorado ( — The iconic Former South African President Nelson Mandela quietly signed his Cape Town home over to the city for use as a living museum on Wednesday. According to the AFP, a weakened but still positive and smiling Mandela sat through the proceedings silently. The chairman of the Mandela Rhodes Foundation, Jakes […]

Women over 40 having few children, no children at all

Las Vegas, Nevada ( — Women over forty have finally come into their own and in the Hollywood scene, it is almost an trend to have babies in your forties since it is, after all, the time when you have become comfortable in your own skin and can handle the responsibility of a child better. […]

Teachers gaining education from biotechnology workshop

Winston-Salem – North Carolina, ( — As the students are getting pleasure from their summer vacations, staying at home, there are some Winston-Salem/Forsyth County teachers who are busy enhancing their education in the classrooms. As reported by a biology teacher at the Carver High School, Winston-Salem, Pauline Jeffers, “[Teaching is] one of those things I […]

Prices of textbooks to fall by next year CD-ROMs extremely helpful

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ( — According to a recent study, it has been found that the price of textbooks which have tripled in the last two decades may start declining due to new laws, startup companies and modern technology. Undergraduate students who like to take advantage of new alternatives may easily cut down their costs on […]

Report on state’s higher education system

Rochester, New York ( — According to a recent report, Governor David A. Paterson has plans to implement an affordable student loan program in an effort to make New York more competitive with other states. Marissa Shorenstein, Paterson’s spokeswoman, said that a large number of students will be able to take advantage of this loan […]

Congressional meeting held about school reform

Omaha, Nebraska ( — Leaders of urban education gathered at a congressional meeting in Washington to discuss key reforms aimed at helping the troubled school systems to narrow the achievement gap. The panel was comprised of Joel Klein, Chancellor of New York City schools and Michelle Rhee, Chancellor of D.C. public school. Klein and Rhee […]