Retrieving Personal Data From a Company-Owned Computer After a Termination

/ 09/13/2010 Dallas employment counsel Keith Clouse advises employees not to save personal data (such as music, photographs, on-line bill payment receipts or contact information for family members and friends) on company-owned computers because companies typically retain ownership over any files saved on their computers.  But what happens when an employee who has saved personal […]

Employers to create the 4-day work week to save gas

Cincinnati, Ohio ( — With gas prices rising and inflation suffocating the general population, employers are taking a different approach to the sluggish economy and offering a tempting and eco-friendly option to saving money and preserving gas. According to Reuters, Ohio’s Kent State University made an offer to the custodial staff to begin the 4-day […]

Warning Signs May Indicate a Potential Firing

Dallas, Texas (WiredPRNews.Com) — With the recent economic downturn, many Americans fear their jobs are at risk. Economic troubles force companies to reduce their workforce and mergers (with accompanying layoffs) are likely. These external factors give employees reason to be concerned. But employees should also be aware of internal signs of trouble; while companies frequently […]