Calif. Appeals Court Tosses Out One-Sided, Unconscionable Arbitration Clause

April 5, 2013

“A California appeals’ court ruled that one-sided arbitration agreements won’t stand up in court,” says LA consumer protection lawyer Carey Been.

Employers: Protect Your Trade Secrets with Employment Agreements

October 12, 2012

/ 10/12/2012 Dallas, Texas trade secret attorney Keith Clouse helps companies protect their trade secrets. He provides advice on the steps a company should take to protect its confidential information and to put itself in a better position should litigation become inevitable. Entering into employment agreements with a company’s key employees is one way to […]

The “Money Terms” in a Typical Severance Agreement

October 6, 2012

/ 10/06/2012 Dallas employment lawyer Keith Clouse drafts and negotiates severance agreements and separation packages for senior executives and other high-level employees. Here, he discusses the “money terms” found in many severance agreements.   1. Severance payment: This is the dollar value the employee receives upon departure. A severance payment could be paid in a single […]

Dallas Physician Contract Attorney Discusses Representations and Warranties in Physician Employment Agreements

September 1, 2012

/ 08/30/2012 Keith Clouse, a Dallas-based employment law attorney, regularly advises physicians and medical groups regarding physician employment contracts. Many physician employment contracts include a “representations and warranties” section in which the physician makes certain representations and warranties. This section covers matters that are considered fundamental to the employer’s decision to hire the physician.   […]

Online Legal Forms Website announces Video Series

July 27, 2012 announces release of Employment Agreement form Video

Dallas, Texas Employment Law Attorney Cautions Physicians to Carefully Consider Non-Compete Obligations Before Signing Employment Agreements

July 25, 2012

/ 07/25/2012 Keith Clouse, a Dallas, Texas employment law attorney, represents many physicians in employment-related matters. He negotiates new employment agreements for doctors and counsels them about existing obligations. When a physician is ready to move to a new practice, Mr. Clouse helps his client resolve issues with the current employer and transition into the […]

Dallas, Texas Employment Lawyer Discusses Executive Compensation

May 20, 2012

/ 05/19/2012 Top corporate officers command top pay from their employers, and these senior executives cannot trust inexperienced employment law counsel to represent their interests during negotiations over compensation issues. Keith Clouse, a Dallas, Texas employment lawyer, advises senior executives on employment law issues and drafts employment agreements and separation agreements for these clients.   […]

Online Forms Website Offers Free Sales Order Form Downloads

May 5, 2012

In an attempt to aid small business, is offering some free online business form downloads.

Texas Employment Lawyer Explains “For Cause” Termination Provision in a Typical Employment Agreement

April 15, 2012

/ 04/15/2012 Dallas employment lawyer Keith Clouse drafts employment law agreements for both executives and employers. A key provision in any employment law agreement concerns an employer’s right to terminate an executive because of the executive’s misconduct, or “for cause.” “Cause” is defined in the employment agreement, and the definition typically includes the executive’s:• conviction of […]

Employment Agreement Forms See Net Gains

March 29, 2012

Online Forms for New Hires Prosper as Economy Turns Corner

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