Podcast Game Portal Engages Military, Disabled, and Aspiring Game Developers

January 20, 2012

Internet radio and game portal company pushes the industry one step further as a voice for the unique players!

Speaker & Author Ray Faulkenberry, Ph.d coaches actors in the area of transformation.

August 22, 2011

Los Angeles, California (WiredPRNews.com) Ray Faulkenberry, Ph.d is a transformational expert. Ray has become the go-to brand for corporations, businesses and individuals who are looking to transform their brand and how they operate. Faulkenberry, who is a member of the National Speakers Association and author of over twelve books, is now transforming his own brand […]

Jesse James discusses abuse as child

May 27, 2010

Jesse James opened up about abuse he suffered as a child in a recent television interview.

ReelHeART short film Premiere ‘Miracle Fish’ nominated for an Oscar™

February 2, 2010

Toronto, CAN – February 2, 2010 The other film festival in Toronto is ReelHeART ReelHeART International Film Festival (RHIFF) is Toronto’s indie film festival that’s quietly been attracting Oscar™ caliber films since we first arrived on the scene. What’s great is that our premieres of Academy Award™ winning shorts come from all over the world. […]

An Adrenaline-Fueled Ride

September 11, 2008

Surfer bank robbers ride on high waves and higher adrenaline in Point Break. Fort Worth, TX (WiredPRNews.com)—One film that definitely falls into the category of ‘guy movie’ is ‘Point Break,’ starring Keanu Reeves, Patrick Swayze and Gary Busey. Set in Los Angeles, the 1991 movie pits Reeves character, FBI Special Agent Johnny Utah, against Swayze’s […]

Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor at home after hospital stay

August 20, 2008

Hollywood, California (WiredPRNews.com) — Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor is recuperating at her home on Tuesday after a brief stay in the hospital for conditions that were not immediately confirmed. As per People.com, Taylor is “at home and happy” after her stint in a Los Angeles hospital following numerous reports that the star was gravely ill. […]

Reports display operating expenses, revenues of Harrah Entertainment Company

August 19, 2008

Las Vegas, Nevada (WiredPRNews.com) — Harrah’s Entertainment, Inc, recently reported its first and second quarter details wherein which included the revised operating expenses and revenues for the operating company of Harrah Inc, a subsidiary company of Harrah’s Entertainment Inc. Considerable portions of debts of the consolidated group are issued by the HOC. This is why […]

Donnie Wahlberg and wife calling it quits

August 19, 2008

Los Angeles, California (WiredPRNews.com) — It seems a member of the New Kids on the Block is planning to hang his hat on a different block. Singer Donnie Wahlberg and wife Kim Fey Wahlberg are ending their nearly nine year relationship which, as a New Kids song used to say is “hangin’ tough”. As most […]

George Clooney is all set to take The Challenge

August 15, 2008

Hollywood, California (WiredPRNews.com — News Report)  — Smoke House, actor George Clooney’s production group, has snagged the rights to the legitimate suspenseful story by Jonathan Mahler that scrutinizes the extraordinary efforts of Charles Swift, a Navy lawyer, in order to acquire a sensible trial for Osama bin Laden’s one-time driver and bodyguard Salim Hmadan. As […]

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