South Florida Real Estate Broker Ed Kearney advises owners of commercial real estate

West Palm Beach, (Wired PR News) — Landlords should thoroughly research tenants before signing a lease, says Ed Kearney of the Florida commercial real estate brokerage firm Kearney Commercial Realty/Sperry Van Ness. The due diligence could save money and avoid potential legal and financial problems. “I am sounding a loud note of warning because I […]

Palm Beach County Florida Commercial Real Estate Agent Market Adv

West Palm Beach, FL ( — New market realities and re-pricing of commercial real estate property are creating strong buy opportunities for investors and for companies that want to own the space they occupy, says Ed Kearney of Kearney Commercial Realty/Sperry Van Ness. Over the past 12 to 18 months, some commercial realty prices have […]