First Time Home Buying Secrets Author Wants To Pay You $250

Austin, Texas ( – Author and Austin Real Estate expert, Kenn Renner, offers $250 to individuals who reads his latest book, uses his services, or allows him to refer them to a real estate expert in their area. Top Austin real estate agent Kenn Renner recently released a nationally published book, First Time Home Buying […]

Olga Post Article: Complaints Rise When Forums Go Bad

Arbor Books: Complaints Rise When Forums Go Bad (New York, NY)—When does a forum go from a font of facts to a sewer of snarkiness, a cult of kooks or a den of defamation? Complaints are on the rise as the posts of unrestrained commenters and the inaction of irresponsible forum moderators continue to mount. […]

Foreclosure Prevention program – New way to “bail-out” – US government Risky Business

New York, New York ( — CNN reported that the US government has approved a plan for the prevention of foreclosure in which the FHA will be allowed to insure $300 billion of new loans for more than 4 years if money lenders agree to reduce principal mortgage amounts. In order to qualify, the lenders […]