How to Do What’s Right and Stay Protected When There’s Fraud in Your Workplace

The whistleblower lawyers of Keller Grover discuss tools available to help an employee who discovers fraud in the workplace.

Where Fraud Victims Need to Go for Help

New York City, New York ( Unfortunately fraud victims are often the forgotten victims in our justice system. There are often no support groups or counselors for them. Nor are there many places where they can go for help. Strangely enough the more complex the fraud is and the more money involved, too often, the […]

What to do if you are a Victim of Fraud Overseas?

Atlanta, GA ( Many people mistakenly believe that you may have no legal recourse if you are a victim of fraud while you are overseas. If you lose money in a business or investment scam in a foreign country, you might be able to file a lawsuit and recover some money. For example if you […]

Vaccine study linking autism is being called an “elaborate fraud”

The British medical journal (BMJ) has called the study, linking childhood autism, a fraud.

Donald Trump faces lawsuit for fraudulently selling Trump SoHo Condo units

New York business litigation attorney news: Trump and company sued for fraud after lying about sales percentages of Trump Soho Condo.