Whistle-blower releases memoir called “SKAPEGOAT, the FHTM Blame Game Story”

Whistle-blower Joseph Isaacs just released his memoir called, “Skapegoat – the FHTM Blame Game Story” via Amazon

Law Firm Web Marketing: IAB Fends Off FTC with Internet Privacy Program

In an attempt to keep the Obama Administration and FTC away, the Interactive Advertising Bureau begins self-regulatory privacy program.

Internet Marketing: Consumers find no harm in Google Instant; safe from FTC

A recent study showed that consumers believe that not everything on the Internet needs to be regulated says Rene Perras, lawyer marketing specialist.

Internet Marketing: Marketers are bracing for ‘Do Not Track’ says Rene Perras

Internet marketing specialist, Rene Perras predicts how the online advertising and marketing industry will be affected by the FTC’s proposal.

Lionheart Assurance Solutions: Auto Dealerships Find Help in Preparing for FTC Red Flags Rule Deadline And New Identity Theft Laws

Summary: With the FTC “Red Flags Rule” deadline August 1, 2009, fast approaching, Ford dealerships in Denton, Sherman and Denison, Texas are already well ahead of the August deadline thanks to the expertise for Lionheart Assurance Solutions, LP. Dallas, Texas — (WiredPRNews.com) June 1, 2009 — The FTC’s new “Red Flags Rule” mandates an August […]