Gold Breaks $1,600 Per Ounce

Phoenix, AZ ( History was made today in the trading market. Gold reached an all time high of $1604.70 per ounce from its low of $1478.30 at the beginning of July. That’s an increase of $126.40 in just a couple of weeks. One might ask, what is sparking this increase? Due to the current situation […]

What You Need to Know About Buying Gold Coins

Phoenix, AZ – (WiredPRNews) If you first are interested in buying gold coins there are key aspects that you need to know. Gold coins minted by the United States are considered one of the best ways to own gold for a variety of reasons. What you may not know if that US gold coins are […]

Price of Gold Remains Strong

New York, NY ( The price of gold continues to rise, meaning people exchanging cash for gold continue to get better and better deals. Gold once again hit a record price in mid October, and the trend is likely to continue as investors move their holding into the more stable gold market. “Unit the economy […]