NoCo Gold & Diamond Aids Non-Profits through Gold Parties Fundraisers

NoCo Gold & Diamond, a leader in the jewelery buyers industry, is now offering Gold Parties Fundraisers to raise cash for gold for your favorite non-profit.

How the Price of Gold Jewelry is Determined

Roslyn Heights, NY ( Many people who sell gold in Roslyn Heights and online wonder how the price of the precious metal is determined. Well the process is actually rather complex and does not have as much to do with the prices you see in the newspapers and online news sources as you might think. […]

Do not Get into a Rush to Sell Your Gold

New York, NY ( If you want to get the best price possible when you sell your gold in Astoria NY, don’t be in a rush. People who charge out and sell their valuables at the first place they go to will often receive a much lower price. You should definitely take your time when […]

No-Stop Wow Gold Service From During China Long National Day In 2011

Right now, The China National Day is coming, while 80% wow gold is from Chinese online wow gold suppliers, Wow gamers got enjoy this no-stop wow gold service from during china long national day in 2011. China ( Sep is now waving her hands to say goodbye with us while Oct is casting her […]

Gold Breaks $1,600 Per Ounce

Phoenix, AZ ( History was made today in the trading market. Gold reached an all time high of $1604.70 per ounce from its low of $1478.30 at the beginning of July. That’s an increase of $126.40 in just a couple of weeks. One might ask, what is sparking this increase? Due to the current situation […]

Shaffer-Lienhard Outlook 2011: Palladium’s Strength To Endure For Another Year

Shaffer-Lienhard’s analysts have prepared a series of stories which examine what is in store for 2011 Kowloon, Hong Kong ( Precious and base metals hit record highs in 2010, as economic uncertainty rattled around the globe. What does 2011 hold for gold, silver, platinum, palladium, copper and other metals? Shaffer-Lienhard’s analysts have prepared a series […]

Gold Will Still Be A Force In 2011

Syosset, NY – ( With the economy still being low in the start of 2011, there are some industries in which there is still much dominance. Gold is one of these. It was at an all-time high last year when many were experiencing an all-time low economy. Some predict it will go even further this […]