Diamond Infrastructure Development; InfrastructureEnabled by Water and Energy, to Create Prosperity!

August 18, 2020

Diamond Infrastructure Development is a multifaceted, diverse combination of individuals who seek to bring healing to the plant using the technologies developed by Global Oceanic and SeaDog Systems.

Kenneth W. Welch Jr. Announces Technology Sale of Global Oceanic Designs & His Vision for The Future

July 21, 2020

Kenneth W. Welch Jr., C.E.O. of Global Oceanic Designs has entered into an agreement with Diamond Infrastructure Development Inc., granting them the exclusive global licensing of his technologies.

Kenneth W. Welch Jr., Sustainable Energy Inventor and CEO, Offers Guidance During Turbulent Times

June 5, 2020

Kenneth W. Welch Jr., Energy Innovator, and CEO of SeaDog Systems, Inc. offers his perspectives on coming together as Americans during this turbulent time to ensure a shared sustainable future.

TimelessWealth.net emphasizes speculative investment opportunity on Wireless Age Communications, Inc.

July 16, 2009

WiredPRNews.com Press Release – Emerging Investing Opportunity in Green Energy Sector Wireless Age Communications, Inc. (traded on the OTC under the symbol WLSA.PK) is evaluating the acquisition of rights to plasma gasification technologies in North America. Plasma Gasification is an efficient and intelligent renewable energy solution. Wireless Age Communications, Inc. is based in Ontario, Canada, […]

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