53-City Study: Wastewater widely used in irrigation of developing countries

Houston, Texas (WiredPRNews.com) — A new study presented at a water conference in Stockholm on Monday told the tale of 53 cities and how wastewater is universally used for the irrigation of urban agricultural land in developing nations. This practice, however, has its ups and downs as the study showed. According to the AFP, the […]

Fuel prices could now aid the environment

Washington, D.C. (WiredPRNews.com) — The astonishing cost of fuel shaking up the airline industry can now lead to various environmental advantages in the long run. These environmental benefits can be derived by encouraging public policy and technological innovations. This was reported by a group of aviation experts in Hartford, Connecticut. Carl Burleson, US FAA Office […]

Lithium-ion batteries to run hybrid cars

San Jose, California (WiredPRNews.com) — University, industry and government panelists have predicted that lithium-ion batteries which are already used as fixtures in some of personal electric devices will soon become the answer to environmental concerns. High oil costs have been bulking up for powering electric vehicles that can be recharged. Even though great promises have […]

School campuses go green

San Diego, California (WiredPRNews.com) — This fall, the students of Sarah Lawrence’s Warren Green hall will work together to go “green”, drying laundry on clothes lines and monitoring power consumption. They will share appliances, shopping and cooking to reduce energy and wastage and will use electricity as little as possible. A large number of colleges […]

UN survey to check deforestation around the globe

Rome, Italy(WiredPRNews.com) — The UN has conducted a global survey of the Earth’s forests by remote sensing technology. This survey will help in enhancing knowledge about change in land use including reforestation, deforestation and forests’ natural expansion. The survey is going to cover the whole of the Earth’s surface with nearly 9,000 samples, as per […]

Lane office unveils earth-friendly showroom using DIRTT Walls

New York City, New York (WiredPRNews.com) — The Lane office just unveiled their new attractive and environmentally sustainable showroom. Using the DIRTT Walls they manufacture, Lane was able to create a space that demonstrates functionality, aesthetics and flexibility. “DIRTT Walls are prefabricated in a manufacturing setting and then installed, rather than constructed from scratch on-site,” […]