Charter elementary school incorporates fitness and art activities

North Tampa, Florida ( — A new South Florida charter elementary school will soon be incorporating graphic arts and visual arts into the day to day curriculum along with emphasizing the need for fitness and health. The school leader of the Community Charter School of Excellence, Charles Malatesta, reported that the full time health, physical […]

Brain fitness program gives hope to breast cancer survivors with “Chemobrain”

Norfolk, Virginia ( — Recent research has shown that the computer-based Posit Science Brain Fitness Program (TM) might enhance the mental function of patients suffering from cancer with symptoms including “chemobrain”, a state documented in more than 70% of breast cancer survivors after undergoing chemotherapy. Chemobrain affects the quality of life of individuals in a […]

Early detection of Alzheimer’s

Chicago, Illinois ( — According to researchers, people in the early stages of Alzheimer’s who have a fit body are likely to have less shrinkage in the parts of brain that are crucial for memory. Through studies, it has been found that exercise and fitness slow the rate of changes in the brain that take […]

Supreme Court rules States cannot add to FDA regulatons

Dallas, Texas ( America is facing a tough call deciding who should hold the final say when it comes to the accountability of pharmaceutical and drug companies. Thus far, the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of pre-emption (i.e. that federal regulations automatically overrule state laws). The Supreme Court case of Wyeth vs. Levine may […]

More Malpractice in Veteran’s Hospitals

VA hospitals are notorious for poor sanitation, careless staff members, and other problems. Contact: Amy K. Witherite – Dallas Lawyer if you have been effected by Malpractice in Veteran’s Hospital – She has won many Veteran’s Administration Medical Malpractice cases.

Cancer patients should be told about their condition, or not

Chicago, Illinois ( — Eileen Mulligan was a cancer patient in advanced stage, chemotherapy stopped working for her and there were no options for her to try anymore. Her physician, Dr. John Marshall at the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Centre of the Georgetown University, realized that it was time that she should look into the hospice […]

Are Additives Harmful for Children?

Dallas, Texas ( — According to a recent study, children’s behavior problems and hyperactivity are linked to certain food dyes prevalent in many foods that are pitched to children. The Center for Science in Public Interest has urged the FDA to ban eight food colorings. The eight dyes that were reviewed in the study include […]

‘Pixie dust’ to replace missing parts of the body

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ( — This story seems more of a fairy tale than a reality, but modern science seems to have taken a new trek into the unknown. Last week, an American soldier who was badly wounded underwent a medical procedure that helped him to re-grow a new finger that he accidentally lost in a […]