The Basketball Channel To Stream Jordan Brand Classic Games from Barclays Center

Nike’s Jordan Brand taps The Basketball Channel to provide live streaming coverage of Jordan Brand Classic Games at Barclays Center Brooklyn NY April 13, 2013

U.S. Residents to Start Earning Their High School Diploma Online

Regional High School is set to offer a low-cost online high school completion program for individuals interested in earning their high school diploma online.

Unexpected Asbestos Finding in High School

Asbestos found in a Wisconsin high school may prolong summer maintenance projects. Mesothelioma Cancer News (Mount Pleasant, WI) – An unexpected finding of asbestos in a Wisconsin high school will likely prolong summer maintenance construction projects. As reported by The Journal, the asbestos discovery in the Mount Pleasant based Case High School is expected […]

Higher Education Leads to Longer Life

“Be cool, stay in school” is old saying, but after a recent Harvard study, it now has a new twist. Of late, Americans have enjoyed a longer life span giving them more time to create memories with family and friends. In a recent study published in the March/April issue of Health Affairs, those that have […]