NFM Lending Opens New Branch in Palatine, Illinois

NFM Lending is pleased to announce the opening of a new branch in Palatine, Illinois. This branch will focus its lending efforts on the Illinois area.

Celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War in Springfield

Rockford, IL ( This summer, before you settle on your vacation plans, consider staying put in Illinois, the most important state in the nation – maybe even one of the most important places in the world. I say that because Illinois gave us Abraham Lincoln, not only the greatest president in our nation’s history, but […]

Broadcaster pens book through cancer journey

A diagnosis of colon cancer prompted Scott Lynn to pen a story about his lifelong obsession. Sports director for KEX radio in Portland, Oregon Scott Lynn, wrote a book about a high school basketball championship team he had been intrigued by since he was a teenager during his battle with colon cancer. As reported by […]

Verdict returned against plaintiffs attorneys in asbestos suit

Mesothelioma Cancer News provides news and information for Mississippi asbestos attorneys. Mississippi (Mesothelioma Cancer News) – A federal jury has found two plaintiffs attorneys guilty of fraud in an asbestos lawsuit. As reported by, the Mississippi attorneys were found to have defrauded Illinois Central Railroad in bringing forth asbestos claims by plaintiffs who allegedly […]