Inauguration Viewership Revolutionized by Web

Many experience web based Inauguration, a revolutionary measure. Wired PR – In what some view as fitting for Obama’s political platform theme of change, individuals were able to break away from tradition and experience the Inauguration differently from the norm online with full access to ceremonies and news via streaming video. As reported by […]

Wax Obama to be Sculpted in Dallas Area Museum

A wax museum in Grand Prairie will add Barack Obama to their list of figures. Wired PR – As he prepares for his official move into the White House, President Elect Barack Obama will also soon takeover the spot of President George Bush in the Grand Prairie based Louis Tussaud’s Palace of Wax Museum. […]

Obama Honors MLK at White House

President Elect Barack Obama declares day of service and pays tribute to MLK on the eve of his Inauguration. Wired PR – President Elect Barack Obama asked Americans to join together in service efforts as he declared a day of service while observing the national holiday for the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. As […]

New Stimulus May Exceed $800 Billion

A new economic stimulus package may reportedly cost $850 billion. Wired PR News – Congressional leaders are working to prepare a bill for a new plan for effectively stimulating the U.S. economy. As reported by Reuters, Democrats in Congress and aides to the United States President Elect, Barack Obama, are creating a measure that could […]

Dallas Students Plan Obama Documentary

High school students in Dallas are planning to film experiences at Inauguration. Wired PR – A group of students from a Dallas, Texas high school are preparing to travel to next week’s Inauguration of President Elect Barack Obama, and will bring home more than just fond memories of their experience. As reported by NBC […]