AI Startup Vestun Launches Hedge Fund Navigating Market Turbulence

October 7, 2020

Swiss-based AI company Vestun opens its market agnostic hedge fund strategy to new outside investors.

Diamond Infrastructure Development; Offers a New Dimension in Future Infrastructure Developments

August 19, 2020

At Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc., we’ve identified a truly sustainable approach to the creation of energy and infrastructure.

New Healthcare C-Suite White Paper Predicts MD CEOs, New Positions for 2016

October 16, 2015

Healthcare C-suite and board trends, strategies and predictions for 2016

Innovative Self Tanner Developer Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

January 13, 2015

Swiss research lab (Swissecolab Gmbh) and the team have launched an IndieGoGo campaign

Catalyst Healthcare Research Releases Free eBook

February 29, 2012

Catalyst Healthcare Research released a free eBook today to help hospital & health plan marketers save time & money using online Bulletin Board Focus Groups.

Entrepreneur Helps Discouraged Job Seekers Create Their Own Jobs

February 28, 2012

Julie Austin put her entrepreneurial background to good use to help discouraged job seekers in a way a typical career counselor couldn’t.

Max Planck Florida Institute Scientist Develops New Research Technology

September 30, 2011

New innovation developed by the Max Planck Florida Institute in Jupiter, Fla. has broad applications in neuroscience including gene therapy and pharmacology.

California adopts green standards for TVs

November 20, 2009

The state imposes new requirements for televisions to be energy efficient. Sacramento, California ( – California has adopted new requirements to make televisions more energy efficient. As reported by the Associated Press (AP), the California Energy Commission voted 5-0 Wednesday to implement new standards that could lead to a ban on sets that use a […]

Obama speaks at MIT about energy innovation

October 24, 2009

The president remarked that some claims made by opponents of his energy bill were cynical and contradictory to scientific evidence that supports the need for greener energy solutions. Cambridge, Massachusetts ( – President Barack Obama recently dismissed arguments by many opponents of his energy bill as cynical claims made to stagnate progress on dealing with […]

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