Divorce Attorney Law Firm Internet Marketing

09/29/2011 Divorce Attorney Law Firm Internet Marketing Searching for divorce attorneys on the Internet would make you come across dozens of family law firms and solo divorce attorneys listed on Google places, or the find law business directories online. Dealing with anyone of these is arduous, as mere listing does not help the client in […]

The Law Firm Marketing Confidential: Managing Client Internet Expectations

Law firm marketing maven, Rene Perras explains how to mange client expectations when it comes to law firm websites and attorney Internet marketing.

Understanding Internet marketing – strategizing for better web presence

08/10/2010 Web marketing or Internet marketing are the known means of promoting a website on the search engines. The basic aim behind all these web promotional activities, as we all known, is to bring the website in front of hundred and thousands of web surfers who are continuously surfing the internet to find the products […]